Before the hulk Jai landed in Umred Karhadnla forest, there were 2 adult male tigers ruling the entire kingdom and a couple of females. However with the arrival of this unbeatable challenger, both of those tigers mind their way out of the park and ultimately Jai conquered the whole of Umred Karhandla Wildlife Sanctaury as his sole territory. It is said that there had never been a tiger fight in Umred as by just looking at the indirect territory marking signs of Jai ( like his Claw marks and hence size of paw, Height of the claw marks on the tree, Size of the scat, angry roars etc) the previous rules accepted the defeat and left the park.

Today, Jai is ruling whole of Umred Karhandla Sanctuary and has following 4 females

“Chandi” with her 4 Cubs-Mostly around the Karhandla Zone

T6 : with her 2 Cubs : Mostly around the Gothangaon Zone

T4 : with her 3 Cubs : Mostly around the Pauni Zone (A new female who is sighted frequently now a days and has not litter yet)