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The entire landscape of Umred Karhandla Wildlife Sanctuary is divided into various zones by forest department for better implication of forest management practices. These zones are also known as ranges and each range will have one or two tourism gates, which allow safari vehicles to enter the park.

The major tourism zone and safari gates in UKWS are :

Karhandla Range – about 8 km from the Umred town

Gothangaon Range – about 33 km from the Umred town

Pauni Range – about 35 km from Umred town

Each gate offers safari permit to the exclusive area of that range and no vehicle is allowed to entercahnge the zones while on safari. The entry and exit gate for the vehicle has to be same and breech of this rule is a serious crime.
It is advisable to reach your safari gate about 30 minutes before the entry time, to complete all the booking and entry formalities.